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low back & hips

targeted programmes for lower back & hips

These programs take you through the three crucial steps of corrective movement, at your own pace.

The 3 steps to corrective movement are:

  1. Lengthen and release tension – we need to have the mobility and range of motion at our joints in the first place to be able to move the right way. The Sweet Release programs are designed to get you feeling freer and more mobile, and to reduce pain.
  2. Learn the fundamentals of how to move correctly & how to build good habits into your day.
  3. Future proofing with muscular endurance + strength building. It takes a lot to build a “new normal” and to remain balanced against the day-to-day challenges our bodies face. This step conditions you to be able to move well for life.

Which step do I start with?

Start with Step 1 (Sweet Release) if you are someone who has pain or feels stiff or tight in a particular area. Often our body needs this before it can learn to move correctly again.

Start with Step 2 (Move Better) if you do not have pain or significant tension/tightness holding your mobility back. Or, if you do have pain, but have recently gone through a block of release work that has reduced the pain and improved your joint range of motion.

Start with Step 3 (Future Proof) if you have minimal to no pain, good mobility, and have already learnt the basics to how to move correctly.

Depending on where you are in your journey, you may only need one program, or you may like to consider all 3 steps.

Step 1: sweet release ($47)

Tissue self-release and muscular stretching; pain relief. A full array of exercises that target all primary areas most commonly influencing low back and hip pain and tension, with various options to suit anyone at any stage.

Step 2: move better ($47)

Learn the fundamentals of HOW to move correctly at the low back and hips, and build good habits in your daily life.

Step 3: future proof ($47)

Build muscular endurance and strength to support the integrity of your low back and hips for life. 3x strength workouts targeted to the back and hips.

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