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I am Cara Leyten

My injury led me to my passion

My specialty is solving “tricky” cases: those individuals who come through the door with an injury or symptom that’s resisted every attempt to treat it, experiencing perhaps some temporary improvement but no long-term relief. 

In my late teens, I experienced a life changing BMX crash, resulting in a chronic back injury. What at the time seemed like a short-term hindrance to enjoying sport turned out to be an injury I would battle for years. 

As a young woman in my twenties, I should have been fit, healthy, and independent. Instead, I was hospitalised twice for re-injury and on bed rest for months at a time, having to rely on a walking frame just to get to the bathroom and on my parents to dress me. 

I completed all the standard pathways for rehabilitation, with no long-term success.

I was not willing to accept that this would be my life. I felt there must be another solution and was determined to find it. 

This inspired me to complete a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise (with a major in Exercise Prescription and Training), after which I became a Senior Sports Therapist at a Sport Performance Centre and attained a Master of Health Science with Distinction.

Through my journey, I discovered a great passion for correcting muscle imbalances (helping to improve a body’s alignment and movement patterns).

This method proved to be life-changing for my clients. The most common question I received was: “Why has no one else taught me this before?” 

As a result, In-Tension was born, my vehicle to continue my mission to help others to create and maintain a strong body for life. 

I believe there was a purpose to my suffering: to learn from it, so that others don’t have to live in pain. 

If you live with chronic pain, I would love to help you.


Enjoying a pain free, healthy body is the foundation to achieving a successful, happy life; it is the scaffolding you need before you can do almost anything else.

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