Case study: Cassidy Slade

Meet Cassidy – dog loving health & wellness enthusiast from Feilding. Cassidy had been battling shoulder pain (alongside chronic fatigue!) for the last three years. What started as pain at the shoulder blade during a spontaneous lockdown run, soon spread to her neck and around the shoulder itself, eventually leading to shoulder bursitis. She had gotten to the point where she could no longer lift even light weights of 1-2kgs without pain – a hard pill to swallow for someone who is passionate about the gym and who was so capable before the injury.

Although Cassidy now works with dogs, she is also an experienced personal trainer with a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise; she has a good understanding of the body, and knew she had some muscle imbalances that likely needed correcting. So, she got in touch, and we went from there.

We found that some of the main muscles that stabilise the shoulder were struggling to engage. So, we gradually got Cassidy to rebuild awareness, strength, and healthy habits for this tissue. Over three months, she did everything recommended to her and continued to progress, so much so that she is now pain-free and has returned in full to her strength training.

“I’m so happy with how it’s all gone. I feel like I’m thriving at the gym again and can actually feel the right muscles engage without being in pain.” For someone who tries so hard and has put a lot of time into helping others with their bodies, she really deserves all the wins that she’s having!

And to add to these wins… Cassidy and her partner, Sam, also have a baby on the way. How meaningful it will be for her to have a comfortable shoulder going into motherhood! And what a great role model she will be for her wee family.

Some lovely words from Cassidy: “Cara has been a lifesaver for me after 2+ years of unresolved and misunderstood pain. My biggest advice is, if you are in pain and struggling, don’t just accept it; reach out for help straight away and save yourself years’ worth of time and money.”

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