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Chronic pain isn’t just physical. It can take over your whole life, severely affecting your mental health, relationships, even your career. It can cause anxiety and depression, which can make pain even worse.

You may feel desperate and powerless after trying health treatment after health treatment, only to find temporary relief at best.

The good news is that you don’t have to live your life this way.

Enjoying a pain free, healthy body is the foundation to achieving a successful, happy life; it is the scaffolding you need before you can do almost anything else.

I find the root cause of your pain and work with you to create an individualised programme to rebalance and retrain your body to move functionally, efficiently, and comfortably.

This means using the best muscles for the job, moving from the correct joints, in the correct order, in the most efficient manner.

A body that moves well is a body that feels great.

I am Cara leyten


Having gone through my own journey with overwhelming pain and recovery, I have experienced this firsthand. As a result, I am passionate about helping others to achieve a life free of pain, along with mobility, flexibility, and strength, so they can feel comfortable in their body again. 

What sets me apart from other health professionals is that I do more than just treat your current health issue; I also educate you to keep your body in optimum condition for life. 

Combining evidence-based corrective exercise with thinking outside the box, I have earned a reputation for treating tricky cases that have resisted other treatments. I am a symptom detective who specialises in helping people to identify the missing pieces to their puzzle. 

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Targeted Programmes

My online & 1:1 personalised programmes are carefully designed to help you to:

Online Programmes

The online programs take you through the three crucial steps of corrective movement, at your own pace.

1:1 Programmes

We work together to identify what’s happening with your body, and on targeting your body’s needs.



Corrective Movement is a technique based on the understanding of body functioning and biomechanics to correct movement compensations and imbalances.

Have you tried stepping back and looking at the full picture? Looking further away from the site of your symptom? How does your whole body’s alignment look? What about your movement patterns? How does the whole body move?

Our bodies have an optimal way of holding posture and moving. We are designed to function at our best when we have a balance of tension throughout our body. The components of our body that influence our movement and posture the most are our muscles and fascia (connective tissue). They provide the tension that holds everything in place.

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If you sign up for a 1:1 programme after this initial assessment, the price is discounted off your package price.

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